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Events are limited to 170 persons on the rooftop at any time.

Amenities & Access

The 1015 Rooftop has a front entrance from Broadway Ave, rear access via stairs in the alleyway and elevator access from the hallway behind Coffee Slingers. It is also completely handicap accessible.

The following amenities are included in your reservation fee:

— Access to public restrooms, located on same floor as rooftop

— Designated built-in bar-height serving areas

— Seating: 32 modern lightweight chairs // Built in bench seating for 30

— Tables: 8 bistro tables (32" round / 28" tall)

— Power outlets

— AUX access to sound system for ambient music

— Patio strand lighting

— Modern landscaping

The rooftop is not shaded and does not offer any protection from wind or the elements.

The rooftop does not have a refrigerator or microwave. Handwashing and potable water is available only in the nearby restrooms.

No other audio equipment, including a microphone, speakers, mixing board, etc. is provided or available to rent.

A 1015 Rooftop Event Manager will be on site and reachable for the duration of your event to ensure everything goes smoothly with your reservation.

Public or Ticketed Events

Even though the 1015 Rooftop is private property, events that are open to the public, ticketed, or will be making sales of any other kind on the premises (including tips), are subject to additional City of OKC regulations. Please contact the Office of Special Events to inquire about any additional permits you might need, as requirements vary with the type and size of event. Please note: Special event permits usually must be submitted to the City 30 days in advance. Permits for the sale of alcoholic beverages require a 60 day lead time.

Making A Reservation

To make a reservation, please fill out our online inquiry form with your event details. Reservations are accepted within 12 months of the event date and require:

At Time of Booking

— signed rental agreement

— deposit of 50% booking fee (or full booking fee for events within 30 days)

30 Days Prior to Event

— balance of fees

— damages deposit check

— host credit card information, to be securely kept on file

Payments & Deposits

We’ll send you an electronic invoice via Square at the time of reservation. Your damages deposit may be paid electronically or by check, and will be refunded in full within 3 business days of the event, pending a satisfactory review of site condition.

Setup & Teardown

Your reserved time includes any time you need to load in, set up and tear down your event. Please book adequate time in advance, as overage fees are double our standard hourly rate.

Food & Beverages

If you’re hosting a private gathering**, you are welcome to cater in or bring your own food and beverages. Alcohol is allowed but intent to serve must be disclosed to rooftop management at time of booking. Open containers must be confined to the rooftop area only.

We do not restrict you in your choice of vendors, but we’ll happily provide a list of suggested caterers in the neighborhood who offer special rates to rooftop events. Your vendors are welcome to accompany you on any scheduled tour of the premises.

**Private gatherings are events like family reunions, work parties, baby showers, graduation celebrations or surprise engagements. Invite-only and no entrance fee or cover charge. If admission to your event is open to the public, ticketed or you’re charging for food/beverages (including tips), your event is subject to additional City of OKC regulations and food/beverages will not be permitted without prior approval.


Plentiful free event parking is available in any of the nearby lots and a map will be provided at the time of booking. On-street parking is free but limited to 2 hours, enforced by OKC police.

Security & Liability

For your protection, we may require you to provide proof of special event liability insurance so that if something goes wrong, you have the coverage you need to make things right. This kind of liability insurance protects you in the event that you are held liable for property damages or bodily injury during your event, or alcohol-related accidents that occur as a result of your event. There are several online vendors who provide this kind of insurance for a one-time fee (typically around $150), like and

To ensure the safety of all guests, a security fee is required for all events with 40+ people, if alcohol is being served. Security needs for other events will be determined by 1015 Rooftop at time of booking. Security personnel will remain out of sight and will not interfere with event activities, except in the event of an emergency.

Inclement Weather

The 1015 Rooftop is an outdoor venue with no protection from the elements, no heat or cooling, and no “Plan B” location. In the event of inclement weather, we will work with you to reschedule your event at no additional cost, and all event fees will transfer to the new event date. If you decide to cancel your event, rather than reschedule, your deposit will be refunded/returned but all other paid booking fees are forfeit.


Booking fees for weekend reservations are non-refundable within 60 days of event date. Weekday booking fees are refundable in full with 30 day cancellation notice, or 50% with 15 day cancellation notice. Cancellations within 15 days of event date will result in forfeiture of booking fee.

Prohibited Items & Activities

smoking or vaping of any kind on the premises or within 20 feet of any entrance to the premises

open flames, including candles and sparklers


amplified sound without prior notice to 1015 Rooftop

alcohol service without prior notice to 1015 Rooftop

underage drinking

un-chaperoned minors